Managed WordPress

You create your own dynamic site. We manage your setup, backups and security.

Built for performance. Host your website on the platform built expressly to optimize WordPress, with high-performance coolness like load-balanced servers and SSD drives.

Award-winning support. We have award-winning, 24/7 support ready to solve your toughest hosting issues, plus hundreds of WordPress videos and interactive walkthroughs.

Keep hackers away. Your site gets the personal bodyguard treatment, 24/7. Our security team monitors, thwarts, and deflects so you can rest easy.

Managed means easy. We do all this:

  • Automatic account setup
  • Automatic WordPress core updates
  • Nightly backups w/ 1-click restore
  • DDoS protection & site monitoring
  • Optimized WordPress servers
  • So you can simply do this:
  • Build your awe-inspiring website

Call us 24x7, visit to start your website today.

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