Forums  ›  General  ›  General discussions Business Operations is founded so I can bring up a website to share my photos, connect with family and friends, and business minded people. Yes you can use these features at Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and other social network. Problem is they are too crowded and so much noise e.g. politics, crime, inequality, etc. I don't need those information feeding me everyday.

I want Peace of Mind, so community is here to provide you a different vibe of social network.

Now, let's talk about our business operations. How do we plan to co-exist with other social networks and how to survive financially.

The good news is ...

  • 20170330 - and will cover for five years hosting from Jan 2018 - Jan 2023.
  • 20170201 - Our web hosting, data storage, backup, SSL (Digital Certificate) to secure your session, and content management system (CMS) are paid ($300) for Jan 2017 to Jan 2018 sponsored by Domain Name Registration Services. Nothing to worry about. Our back-end software is an Open Source Software.


We don't care with other social network. They are bound to please their investors and we are not! Therefore, we are here to stay.

Thank you to our sponsors.