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In Windows 7, you could see the photo in thumbnails preview before you can click a photo to open.  In Windows 10, you have to un-select "Always show icons, never thumbnails". Here's how to do it. In Windows Explorer, go to the View Menu, click on Options, then View Tab and un-select "Always show icons, never thumbnails". That's all, enjoy your photos.
3h ago
I watched the game, there is no way they can beat Spurs from last night. Everything is working great for Spurs but not with the CAVs. Maybe next time.
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5 ways Duterte can defend Scarborough without going to war MANILA, Philippines – Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, one of the legal minds who helped prepare the
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If you're SPAMMING in our community, you're account will be BAN no warning. So please make sure you're responding in appropriate manner, be respectful with other members, and be kind. This will be a better place to stay connected, meet someone and have fun! And if you see some members abusing our community, please post it here so we can take actions right away.
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And another ...
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Another one ...
17d ago old logo. We need to bring this logo up to date.
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Still in beta. Please don't hesitate to post reply if you find some bugs within our social network.  We appreciate your feedback. Yehey Team
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